While driving on the Autobahn I pass by a strange sculpture every morning. I can hardly see it and when I do it’s only for a brief second.

Today I went and visited the sculpture.

The wooden sculpture is placed on a small hill surrounded by a fence. As a result all shots will always be done from a low perspective unless you bring a ladder.

The picture was taken at the early evening with the sun in the back of the head. Although already evening the sun still brought lots of contrast and hard shadows. The metallic white office buildings in the distance reflected the setting sun pretty hard and contrasted nicely with the warmer reflections on the wooden surface of the sculpture.

The human sculpture and its traveling history and natural material counter the concrete, glass and steel sculptures of multi-national corporate anonymity.

Post processing on this picture includes the conversion to black and white which made the sun reflecting in the buildings stronger than in the original picture. For me the high contrast vignette and the anlog frame contributed to the overall “old vs new” feel of the picture – but I’m afraid I’ve overdone it a bit.

I still plan to go back there and see what the head looks like at dawn with the sun in its face.

Let me know what you think.