There sure is some strange art to be found when wandering through the urban landscapes of Paris’ La Défense…

I was there on a business trip equipped only with a tiny Canon Powershot S90.

The first sculpture is “Tindaro” by Igor Mitoraj. It is placed right in front of the KPMG building.

I neither know the title nor artist’s name of the second sculpture. Please let me know if you have any details.

I applied a preset call “300” to both pictures. The preset has been done by Mike Lao. The preset mimics the desaturated picture style of the movie 300 and reflected perfectly the mood of the cold and rainy spring day in Paris with me wandering around alone the slightly decaying 70’s architecture of the urban desert called La Défense.

The sculptures strewn across the area appeared to me as petrified remains of some super-size race which built this place and lived here back when the place was worth living in.