Got up at 5am on Sunday to shoot a friend during the Frankfurt City Triathlon.

I’m so glad my friend told me the day before that she’ll be wearing a pink bathing cap. It makes it so much easier when you go to a shooting well prepared.

For me this shot captures the day more than the others I did. It reflects the light of the sunrise over the lake perfectly. While the picture does show the group of uniformly dressed athletes, it singles out the individual amidst the crowd, showing the exertion in the seconds before the start. I hope the image works for the athlete as well as for the spectators and bystanders as it surely transmits the slightly alienating and disturbing effect when standing at 7am on a Sunday morning at a lakeshore in a group of ladies, all wearing pink bathing caps.

There was very little done to this picture in post processing. I adjusted the tones in lightroom a bit and very slightly increased contrast.

Please use the comments below to let me know if it works for you.