Lubéron en Provence

It is difficult to describe what I’m feeling when I’m in the Provence. Especially the Lubéron.

Probably the best description is: it feels like I have spent already one or more lifetimes there. Something within my soul is absolutely at home there – albeit I don’t even speak the language.

It is sights like the ones below which resonance deeply within.

The small town of Forcalquier. The colors. The light. The sounds. The smell. Everything. I feel roots here, which I cannot explain.

We followed the path of “Camino de Santiago” or the “Way of St James” for a while – without actually knowing we´re on it.

And finally rested in one of the nicest homes I have ever seen.Have you ever come to a place you have never been before and instantly felt so much at home as if you have spent already a lifetime at that place?It is hard do describe the atmosphere of this very magical place on earth.If anything, maybe this one last shot, combining everything my heart longs for into one picture, can transmit a bit of the uniqueness of this area.If there is one thing I would give absolutely everything for, it is spending a springtime with my wife in the Lubéron.