Last Saturday we started a fun shooting without much of a plan.
Taking requisites as we found them and working from there.

The special fun was to change my model into someone completely different. We covered her long blond hair with a black colored wig with much shorter hair and began with a 1920 little burlesque setting.It is absolutely amazing how much a person can be altered with relatively little requisites.

From there things developed into these high-key post-modern femme-fatal series.Okay, I know, it’s not really high-key and the lights are really totally bruned out. This was not exactly intentionally and there were plenty of shots with correct exposure. Still these pictures had a unique mood to them that captured us during the review.

All this light definetly brings out those beautiful eyes !

At last we followed an old idea – the reason the bought this wig once: Pulp Fiction. After a quick google consulting we ended up with the picture that we had in our minds for some time.The cigarette smoke in this one and in Post Modern II has been added later in post processing.

Let me know if you like the pictures.