Back in Germany I spent a day hiking the hills and forrests around Wiesbaden. It turned out to be the last warm and sunny day of 2010.

Autumn, here we come.

Not sure if there is much to say about the composition or story of this shot. I wanted to have a shallow field of depth centered at the grapes. The fact that there where still grapes in mid October was so shocking to me that I wanted this to be the main story.

The second shock was the beautiiful blue sky and the astonishing amount of green left at this time of the year. Both elements I wanted as less concrete but more conceptual elements.

In the end the city of Mainz in the back look just like the ocean so that this scene mighta as well have been done at some Tuscan vine yard.

I can only hope that the wrinkled leaves and the notable streak of yellow colors make it obvious that this is not a summer shot, but showing the clear transition into autumn.

Let me know if the picture transmit this message for you.